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MHPN has formally established an online-only networks stream that sits within the national networks program. The online networks stream builds on our successful locally driven networks program and supports practitioners working within special interest and / or regional, rural and remote areas to attend network meetings anywhere in Australia.

MHPN's online networks aim to improve interdisciplinary networking and collaborative care practices within Australia's mental health landscape through:

  • providing practitioners an online forum to connect with each other
  • supporting accessible and free continuous professional development activities through network meetings
  • encouraging interdisciplinary networking, peer support, and improvement of referral pathways amongst practitioners

Join the first batch of Online Networks below:


Find and join a network

Our networks connect practitioners across metropolitan, rural, regional and remote Australia. Network meetings provide a forum for practitioners from a range of disciplines to connect, build relationships, provide peer support and improve referral pathways.

Start a network

MHPN can help you bring together practitioners from your local area with a shared interest in a specific area of mental health.

For an overview of network coordination, download the Online Networks coordinator fact sheet.

Partner with us

Since 2008, MHPN has supported mental health professionals to gain CPD (continuous professional development),
share knowledge and connect with their peers via face-to-face networks and online webinars.

By combining our knowledge of networks and use of online technology we are now supporting networks to meet online.
Individuals and organisations are welcome to get in touch to discuss establishing an online network.

We support online networks to meet the needs of practitioners, whether it’s:

  • professional development
  • networking to build capacity
  • peer support to help isolated professionals
  • tailoring the online network focus to support the local needs of health professionals, to support better mental health outcomes for clients.
Register your interest:

For more information, download the stakeholder fact sheet.



With 365+ face-to-face networks, our National Network Program is well established and is now advancing through the emergence of online technologies which are growing in popularity.

Sharing the same aims as face-to-face networks, online networks provide a forum for practitioners from a range of disciplines to connect; build relationships; provide peer support; and improve referral pathways.  

Online networks are designed to cater for a specific cohort of mental health professionals. They are aimed at practitioners with special-interest areas who are looking to establish regional or nationwide networks; rural and remote communities; and niche areas with fewer practitioners spread geographically.

By introducing an online platform to practitioners, we diversify and expand our networks and the communities that they support. The online platform offers an opportunity to practitioners that otherwise may not be possible due to location, time or cost travelling to attend face-to-face meetings.

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