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Network news for WA practitioners


Perth Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Network.
This network has a specific focus on supporting people living with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Network meetings consist of guest presentations; case discussions; panel discussions; and peer support. This network aims to meet quarterly.

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NEW Network - Perth Allergies and Intolerances Mental Health Professionals Network: “Managing severe and multiple allergic conditions – Network coordinators speak on the social, emotional and quality of life impacts" and “Guest presentation from Sandra Vale, National Allergy Strategy, on “Latest research and findings on mental health and psychological barriers to allergy management in babies, children, adolescents and young people". This network focusses on the mental wellbeing of those living with different types of allergies and intolerances – a process of collaboration which is common in the allergy space in other parts of the world, but less so in Australia. The network is coordinated by local psychologists Emma Warner and Monique Kerr.


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