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Health awareness days


Use this list of upcoming health days and resources for your next meeting:

Women's Health Week 2-6 September

Webinar recordings focused on Women's mental health:

World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September

Life in Mind have compiled resources on their website. The Preventing Suicide by Young People: Discussion Paper, includes discussion questions that may inform a network meeting discussion.

MHPN webinars:

R U OK? Day 12 September

A timely reminder to look inward, and remember your self-care as a practitioner. Host a meeting like these networks did based on self-care and mindfulness or watch and discuss the Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals webinar. 

National Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness week 1-7 October

Search ‘Borderline personality’ in the MHPN webinar library and choose from 9 webinars, including case studies

World Mental Health Day 10 October

Your network might like to make a promise as a group on how your network are collectively reducing the stigma around mental illness.