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Self-care resources for mental health professionals


Self-care support for mental health professionals is a top priority for Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) and our valued webinar and network participants; member and partner organisations; and webinar partners.

Extensive resources are available for mental health practitioners from their peak professional organisations, some of whom are MHPN partners and members.

We have put together an overview of the self-care resources and strategies recommended by interdisciplinary mental health experts’ and supporting organisations.

This gives you the opportunity to pick and mix perspectives, with relevant insights, from outside your discipline.

If you need inspiration to get started, our webinar partner Emerging Minds has a self-care planning template on their website; and the Smiling Mind app has developed a mindfulness program for healthcare workers..



MHPN’s practitioner networks and webinar program support self-care promotion among interdisciplinary mental health professionals.

Visit our website for a taste of how networks have embraced self-care practise as an important part of practitioners’ working lives.


Our practitioner webinar about self-care, created by and for mental health practitioners, attracted one of the highest number of attendees since the webinar program’s inception.

In the practitioner survey, a participant said:

“The honesty of each panellist was excellent, they were informative and caring and also acknowledge how the systems we work in often contribute to the overwhelming stress - so great to hear such professional people talk about a really important area." 


Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Australian Psychological Society (APS) offers members and non-members CPD and training in self-care.

The APS has also published various articles about self-care; and the potential impacts of working with clients expressing different levels of distress.

A snapshot of relevant articles from the APS website:

If you are an APS member, you can log into their website for more self-care information.

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) has a dedicated members’ welfare line; and lists numerous support resources on its website.

RANZCP identifies five top tips for self-care:

1. Have your own GP and have regular check-ups

2. Avoid self-prescribing

3. Recognise when you're feeling stressed or burnt out

4. Build effective coping mechanisms

5. Maintain an effective support network


Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RAGCP)

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RAGCP) has a number of resources on its website, including:


Visit our valued partners’ websites for any available resources: