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10 Ideas for Network Meetings

  1. Watch a webinar recording - there are over 100 topics available. The reflective worksheet can be used alongside the recording at your meeting.

  2. Utilise the MHPN conference recordings - there are many ways to do this, read more...

  3. Engage a guest speaker, if you have a topic in mind your project officer can check the Guest Speaker Register or perhaps there is a network member or local organisation that might be able to present on your topic.

  4. Visit a local service - meet with your local health community and arrange to take a tour of a health service local to your group. 

  5. Invite a psychiatrist guest speaker - additional funding is available, you can read more here.

  6. Feature a National Mental Health Day - host a meeting during Women's Health Week 2-6 Sept or R U OK? Day 12 Sept. You can find a full list on of National Mental Health Commission events here.

  7. Make your meeting interactiveMitcham and Orange networks have enjoyed guest speakers who provided demonstrations and the opportunity for members to experience new techniques.

  8. Use a case study for group discussion - there are over 100 to choose from in the MHPN webinar library.

  9. Share a journal or book review - some networks have enjoyed sharing their latest research review as a group. 

  10. Reflect on a successful year! - have an end of year meeting to reflect on your successes in a relaxed environment, perhaps go out for a nice meal or meet at the local pub.