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Online monthly Balint Group


Case-based reflective practice group

An online monthly Balint Group for doctors, psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors especially for practitioners in an isolated or remote practice.

Starting Thursday 11 July, 2019; 4.00-5.30pm AEST (5.00-6.30pm AEDT)

Are you looking for a safe confidential environment to explore troubling clinical relationships? A Balint group can provide this experience.

In an exciting new initiative we are offering health practitioners, especially in remote areas or isolated practices, the opportunity to join an online Balint group.

Why a Reflective Practice Group?
Current psychotherapy research and clinical experience show us that the efficacy of any treatment relies largely on the quality of the therapeutic relationship.  However we may feel confused  and  even  disarmed  in  understanding what  is  going on  in  the experience with our patient or client and how to be with it.

A  case-based  reflective  practice  group  process  supports  growth  in  our  emotional understanding of our clients, ourselves as mental health professionals, and of what is occurring between us. It enhances our competence in working therapeutically within the relationship that has developed with our client.

What is a Balint Group?
It  is  a  small  experiential,  educational  group  in  which  participants  meet  to  discuss difficult and intriguing cases. The focus of the group is on the emotional aspects of the case, particularly the client-practitioner relationship. The group is co-led by two psychoanalytic psychotherapists who are accredited Balint leaders.

The  group  is  a  form  of  peer  supervision,  though  not  intended  to  encompass  full clinical case supervision. It is not for personal therapy.

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This is a new group
It will meet on a Thursday afternoon/evening by Zoom video conferencing software.

You will receive an email prior to the meeting with instructions on how to download the free connection software. This is an easy task. Then before each meeting all you need  do  is  click  on  the  link  that  will  be  sent  in  an  email  to  join  that  meeting.  The software is reliable and allows for all participants to be seen on screen at once.

Participants Health professionals such as GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, psychotherapists and counsellors:

  • who are currently involved in clinical work or casework;
  • whose practice is either isolated or in a remote area;
  • who meet professionally with emotionally difficult situations, relationships or interactions;
  • who work with trauma and complex trauma;
  • who would value a supportive and safe setting in which to explore and reflect on what is happening in their work without judgment, and
  • who are interested in developing their reflective practice skills.

The benefits of a Balint Group are:

  •  feeling your work is less stressful and more interesting;
  •  feeling professionally validated and supported;
  •  hearing different perspectives on a case;
  • becoming attuned to your own ‘gut feelings’;
  • gaining confidence in using your feelings to contribute to an assessment;
  • discovering  a  deeper  understanding  about  the  therapist  and  patient/client relationship, and about the patient/client as a person;
  • rediscovering the human side of your work;
  • developing a reflective way of thinking.

The greatest benefit of Balint work comes from being in an ongoing group.

 2019 dates:

  • 11 July
  • 8 August
  • 5 September
  • 10 October
  • 14 November
  • 12 December

Cost:   $420 (incl. $19 GST) for the half year, payable in advance

Leaders: Kerrie  Collings-Silvey  and  Hilary  Ash  have  trained  in  Balint  leadership with the Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand. Kerrie has also trained with the  American  Balint  Society.  We  value  the  benefits  of  Balint  Group  work  in fostering and developing the quality of clinical practice and casework, as well as for the prevention of burn out.

Kerrie Collings-Silvey BA, Grad Dip Psych (UQ), FAPS, CCounP, PPAA, BSANZ Accred. is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist in private practice  with  over  30  years  of  clinical  experience.    She  has  worked  in  child  and adolescent  community  psychiatry,  in-patient  adolescent  psychiatry,  a  child  abuse treatment centre, a university counselling service, and refugee mental health. Practice Address: Suite 81, Silverton Place, 101 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

Hilary  Ash  BA,  BSocWk  (MU),  M  Group  Analytic  Studies  (Monash),  MAASW, NTV (Life Member), BSANZ Accred. is a Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor, Professional  Supervisor  and  Mental  Health  Social  Worker  in  private  practice,  with over 40 years experience. Her work experience has included vocational rehabilitation, couples counselling, and male family violence prevention and counsellor training. Practice Address: Seymour Rd, Elsternwick, Vic 3185

Bookings/Enquiries: Please  contact  Kerrie or Hilary  if  you  are  interested  and  would  like  to find out more information.                         

Mobile: 0422 528 258       Mobile: 0414 856 523