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Celebrating 100 webinars

Hello MHPN Team,
I just wanted to tell you that just days after the webinar I received a call from a desperate Mum living in regional NSW with a daughter demonstrating severe suicide ideation. Thank you for such an informative and comprehensive webinar that empowered me to listen to her and give her immediate assistance - based on the webinar.


Collaborating to recognise and address the mental health impacts of loneliness webinar on April 3rd will mark 100 webinars produced and presented by MHPN.

A look back through our webinar library reveals a range of interdisciplinary conversations that have made a rich and accessible resource for mental health professionals Australia wide.

With an increased community and government focus on the need to recognise and support mental health, we’re proud to take this opportunity to celebrate the diversity and richness that each interdisciplinary webinar panel has delivered. 

We’ve delved into the annals of the MHPN webinar library and crunched the numbers to bring you the top 5 most watched webinars.

Taking out top position is:

Followed by:

Thanks to you all for making our first 100 webinars a success.

Have a suggestion for a webinar topic that could be in the top 5 of the next 100?

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