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Mental Health Trivia and Bingo



A list of mental health trivia questions can be found here and used for a trivia meeting or as an icebreaker activity. Feel free to edit these to suit your network.


Have a bit of fun and open your next meeting with a game of bingo. This editable bingo card provided by a network-based in Perth can be used by your network as an icebreaker activity.

Bingo card instructions:

  • Download the bingo card word document.
  • Edit the bingo card to reflect current and relevant options to your network members, including some non-mental health-related options.
  • The host calls out the options listed on the card, participants mark their card to create an L, H, straight line or square to win a prize.
  • Don't forget to call BINGO!

Get in touch with your project officer if you would like some MHPN branded pens or sticky notes to use as prizes.