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Mitcham MHPN invite interactive guest speaker


Dr Pratap Philip Mitcham MHPN coordinator invited Richmond Heath, Physiotherapist & TRE Resilience Trainer to their last meeting.

Richmond Heath is a registered Physiotherapist & TRE Resilience Trainer who introduced TRE (tension and trauma release exercises) to Australia in 2010. He is a pioneer in bridging the gap between physical & mental health with background experience in mental health, youth suicide prevention, pilates, trauma recovery and resilience training. He provides public workshops & professional training Australia wide and has provided trauma recovery workshops to survivors of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, the 2011 QLD Floods in Ipswich and the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand.

Richmond demonstrated the technique during his presentation and says "while TRE can be used clinically and is currently being researched for the treatment of PTSD amongst Military Veterans, for members of the MHPN it is highly relevant as a somatic self-care technique to help build resilience and prevent the effects of vicarious trauma and burnout".