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Coming soon: MHPN portal


Our MHPN Portal is officially launching in February! As announced in December’s Connect Enews, our website portal will provide more access to, and control over, how you participate in MHPN networks and webinar activities.


MHPN is set to launch a portal in February 2021.

The portal will be the culmination of a necessary system upgrade and is specifically designed to cater to the needs of MHPN network members and coordinators as well as webinar participants. 

Network members will be able to directly manage their network memberships, access upcoming meeting information, update their contact details, and more. 

Network coordinators will also be able to view network membership lists, network directories, and manually approve applications for networks that are limited or subject to approval by the coordinator. 
Webinar participants will be able to access upcoming webinars they've registered for and view past statement of attendance records.
Further information regarding the portal – how you can access it, how it works and when it’s launching – will be released in the coming months across MHPN Connect Enews, website, and social media channels.