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Navigating Childhood Trauma with ‘The Deepest Well’

Why is it in all our best interests to understand the long-term effects of childhood adversity? 

To answer this question, our host Dr Johanna Lynch; a GP, enlists her trusted friend and colleague, Dr Cathy Kezelman AM; a medical practitioner and mental health consumer advocate, to the joint task of unpacking the popular book – ‘The Deepest Well: Healing the Long Term Effects of Childhood Adversity’ (2019) – by renowned pediatrician, Nadine Burke Harris.

Hear from Johanna and Cathy as they dive into ‘The Deepest Well’ revealing crucial insights into the ‘unseen epidemic’ of childhood adversity. Listeners will gain an understanding of the urgency and scale of this issue for clinicians; the role of awareness in medical funding and policy; and most importantly, the wealth of evidence backing Burke Harris’ key message that, in both the immediate aftermath and cumulatively following experiences of childhood adversity, the question is not ‘whether’ but rather ‘to what degree’ trauma takes its toll on us, our bodies, our health, and our lives.

Drawing on their combined professional experience in the area, Johanna and Cathy share their expertise in childhood adversity as an important context shaping their responses to ‘The Deepest Well’. Tune into Johanna and Cathy’s conversation and engage with them on multiple levels - as admirers of Burke Harris’ research, as mental health practitioners, and simply as readers of ‘The Deepest Well’ – to discover why, in their view, all practitioners should add this compelling book to their list of essential reads.

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Note: This episode of Book Club was originally released in August 2021 to the Book Club podcast show, and has since been re-released on MHPN Presents.
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