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One Year of MHPN Podcasts

Chris Gibbs, CEO of MHPN reflects on the first year of MHPN’s podcast program.
The MHPN Podcasting program has just celebrated its first birthday.

MHPN's broad aim is to provide a platform to promote interdisciplinary collaborative care across Australia’s GP and mental health workforce through the provision of professional development and networking activities.

This is achieved through three discrete yet interrelated streams:
  • Interdisciplinary practitioner networks, both face-to-face and online.
  • An online professional development webinar program.
  • Podcasting program.
The three program streams offer different entry points, foci and opportunity to learn more about interdisciplinary collaborative care and depending on the particular learning needs or clinical imperative of practitioners, can be accessed accordingly.

All provide the opportunity to:
  • learn more about the roles of different disciplines in responding to mental health presentations.
  • learn more about the roles of different disciplines in responding to mental health presentations and/or to be exposed to modelling and/or mentioning about the intent, look and feel of interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • access expert advice and evidence-based resources.
The MHPN Podcasting Program

The MHPN podcasting program showcases and promotes reflective practice by featuring conversations which explore the challenges and opportunities in applying ‘best practice principles’ to the reality of providing primary care and/or of living with a mental illness.

Podcast hosts and guests are encouraged to explore topics in a way that suits their personalities and the theme of the conversation – they are often personal reflections on their practice – rather than a specific structure designed to meet learning needs.

To date, MHPN podcasts have collectively accrued over 23,000 listens, to 22 episodes, across two shows, with a new show ‘Mental Health In Focus’ launching in November 2021.

We hope that you have found value in the first year of MHPN Podcasting and we look forward to a new year of interesting and challenging discussion.

MHPN podcasts can be accessed on the MHPN website, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
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