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What are the connections between different psychotherapeutic approaches? And has psychotherapy become more, or less, ‘chaotic’ since its inception as a field?

In this episode, host Dr John Cooper, psychiatrist, and his guest, Professor Mark Creamer, clinical psychologist, share their views on the value of an orthodox versus an eclectic approach to psychotherapy by discussing Jerome Frank’s article ‘Common Features of Psychotherapy’ (1972).

Join John and Mark as they reprise a conversation John initiated with Mark many years ago, as colleagues in the field, about Jerome Frank’s views on psychotherapy, different psychotherapeutic approaches, and the risks and efficacies of psychotherapy in its various modalities. Tune in now to hear how, if at all, John and Mark’s respective positions on these issues have changed over time.

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Note: This episode of Book Club was originally released in August 2021 to the Book Club podcast show, and has since been re-released on MHPN Presents.
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