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Changing with Life’s Seasons

In the final episode of this series of Transitions, co-hosts Julianne Whyte (Social Worker) and Dr Monica Moore (General Practitioner) unpack metaphors, key ideas, and practical tips they’ve used in times of significant change to strengthen relationships in their respective personal and clinical lives.

In order to explore how relationships change and how we in turn change with them, Monica and Julianne explore the role of silence as a therapeutic tool and the benefits of adopting the third-person perspective or “balcony” view in our self-talk.  They also share the concept of “wintering”  which can support us to let go of the expectation of life as an eternal summer in favour of the view that embraces life’s winter periods .

Julianne and Monica share how they came across these ideas, what they mean, and how practitioners and members of the general public alike can apply them to help support coming to terms with the fact that in life, some things, may never be within our control.

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