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Evolving Through Uncertainty 

Embracing life changes in COVID-19 and beyond

In this episode, co-hosts Monica Moore (General Practitioner) and Julianne Whyte (Social Worker) delve into the many challenges we can encounter when facing sudden and unexpected life changes. Drawing on their combined professional and personal experiences of navigating life amidst COVID-19 lockdowns, Monica and Julianne unpack the overt and covert impacts that prolonged uncertainty can have on our individual and collective wellbeing. 

As practitioners working within Australia’s broader health system, Monica and Julianne offer valuable and honest glimpses into their clinical and personal journeys in learning resilience, supporting personal growth, and fostering collective joy. Join Monica and Julianne in conversation as they speculate the complex and often intertwined forces – genetic, social, political - that can shape diverse responses to life’s many uncertainties through COVID-19 and beyond. 

Tune in next week to hear Julianne in conversation with the series’ first guest expert, trauma clinician Matthew Povey, on what it’s like on the ground supporting communities directly impacted by devastating bushfires. 

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