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Moving Past Denial

Throughout our lifespan, our physical health and emotional wellbeing are constantly in flux. When we, or someone we know, are diagnosed with a major health condition – how can we begin to talk about it? Co-hosts Julianne Whyte (Social Worker) and Dr Monica Moore (General Practitioner) come together in this penultimate episode to reflect on the ideas and experiences that have given rise to different ways of thinking through, talking about, and dealing with changes in our own, our patients or clients and/or our loved ones’ health.

Join Julianne and Monica as they unpack the key concepts they’ve used to strengthen their relationships during periods of uncertainty, trauma, and other life changes. Listeners will hear about the three Ds – Distancing, Distracting, and Dissociation; the concept of “leaning in”, the “inner and outer critic”, as well as the place of “positive psychology” when experiencing grief or loss. Our hosts explore what these concepts mean, how they shape our thinking, and how they might be used in conversations to encourage generosity and openness when we or others are experiencing emotions that may be difficult to discuss or process.

Join Julianne and Monica for the final episode of Transitions next week, as they explore the key ideas and concepts that can drive a realistic and compassionate relationship with ourselves and others in the midst of life’s constant changes.  

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