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Valuing Vulnerability

Transitional moments in life are unavoidable and often uncomfortable, but ultimately rewarding. In this episode, co-hosts general practitioner Dr Monica Moore and social worker Julianne Whyte resume their exploration of life transitions by considering metaphors: their use, value, and application in personal and clinical contexts when supporting people going through significant changes in life. 

Listeners will engage with our co-hosts as they discuss how practitioners and communities can support those going through life transitions; Monica and Julianne identify that it’s in the messy middle when we are vulnerable – like lobsters without shells – where it is most important to hold space for people to lean in to their discomfort. Our co-hosts also share their reflections and insights on their first podcast series with MHPN Presents and their vision for forthcoming episodes of Transitions. 

In the next episode of Transitions, join Monica and Julianne as they discuss the loss of future caused from sudden changes in employment or lifestyle.

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