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Trauma, a history

In the last 40 years, research and awareness around the mental health impacts of trauma has steadily expanded and continues to do so. However, the experience of trauma pre-dates this. In the first of episode of the Trauma and Resilience series, we explore how our collective understanding of trauma has evolved: from the inclusion of trauma references in Shakespeare’s work to its formal recognition as a legitimate field for research in  the ‘80s to where we are now. Host Professor Mark Creamer is joined by two of Australia’s leading clinical researchers in the field; Dr Meaghan O’Donnell and Professor Alexander McFarlane who begin their conversation by identifying what constitutes a traumatic response. Their conversation goes on to explore the development of post traumatic mental health problems in the context of neurobiological, psychological, social and cultural mechanisms and how these mechanisms interact and may contribute to ensuing mental health challenges.  

Hosts and guests: Professor Mark Creamer, Dr Meaghan O’Donnell, Professor Alexander McFarlane 

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