MHPN networks

MHPN works with practitioners to establish and support interdisciplinary mental health networks across metropolitan, rural, regional and remote Australia.

Interdisciplinary practitioner networks hold network meetings to provide a forum for practitioners from a range of disciplines to connect, build relationships, provide peer support and improve referral pathways. 

Networks are self-directed; determining membership and content.   

Practitioners meet regularly at network meetings to:
  • share knowledge of local services and resources
  • learn about member expertise
  • network
  • improve local referral pathways
  • provide peer support
  • engage in professional development

All networks are supported administratively and strategically by a MHPN project officer.

A practitioner(s) volunteers to coordinate each network. Read more about MHPN coordinators.

MHPN continues to support your professional development and interdisciplinary collaboration

MHPN-supported networks continue to follow government directives about the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions at a national, state, territory, and local level.

MHPN is committed to an agile approach for supporting professional development and interdisciplinary collaboration, especially during this challenging time, through our two programs: networks and online professional development.

Many MHPN-supported networks have transitioned from face-to-face meetings to online meetings via videoconferencing, which provides a temporary option to an ever-changing and unpredictable environment. 

When restrictions are in place, MHPN participants may find connecting and meeting online of particular benefit because it provides the opportunity for peer support.

MHPN has formally established an Online Networks stream that sits within the Networks program.  MHPN's new Online Networks build on our successful face-to-face program and support practitioners with niche or special-interest areas to attend mental health-related meetings anywhere in Australia.


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Our networks connect practitioners across metropolitan, rural, regional and remote Australia.

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