Become a leader in your professional community

Each Network requires a practitioner to volunteer to take on the role of Network Coordinator. With administrative, financial, and strategic support from a MHPN Project Officer, Network Coordinators lead their Network in making decisions about the Network’s focus and individual meetings. This role can be taken on by one person or shared between a few people. Coordinators can be independent practitioners or from organisations or services with a shared goal.

With the support of a MHPN Project Officer, coordinators are responsible for:  

  • deciding the network meeting topic, date and location  
  • facilitating network meetings
  • securing guest speakers
  • providing regular feedback to MHPN.

Learn more about what it’s like to be a Network Coordinator.

MHPN Network Eligibility Criteria


MHPN’s Network support is funded by the Australian Federal Government, and all networks are therefore required to meet the below criteria to access MHPN’s administrative, financial, and strategic support.

MHPN Networks must:

  • Have a mental health focus.
  • Include three or more members from different mental health disciplines.
  • Meet a minimum of four times per year.
When applying to start a network, MHPN Project Officers will review existing Networks in the area and/or mental health field of focus to determine if a new Network can be established.

How to start a network

You can become involved in coordinating one or several networks by either starting a new network or coordinating one of our established networks.

Start a new network
Interested in establishing a new interdisciplinary network of mental health professionals in your local area, or field of practice? MHPN is currently receiving applications for new networks.  

Steps to starting a new network:
Coordinate an established network
There are a range of leadership opportunities for networks with an existing local or state/national membership base looking for new or, in some cases, additional coordinators.

The benefit of stepping in to lead an existing network is that you’ll already have a member base to work with, rather than starting from scratch.

View and apply for coordinator opportunities.