What is a MHPN network?

MHPN works with practitioners to establish and support interdisciplinary mental health networks across metropolitan, rural, regional and remote Australia. These networks aim to improve consumer outcomes by promoting collaboration between people working in primary mental health care. Network membership is voluntary and members often include; psychiatrists, GPs, psychologists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, and any other practitioner involved in delivering primary mental health care.

MHPN networks have traditionally been locally-based only meeting face-to-face; however, 2020 saw MHPN introduce an online platform to enable local networks to meet when they otherwise could not.

Networks can choose to focus on mental health issues generally or on an area of specific interest.  Specific interest areas are wide-ranging, and can include examples such as perinatal mental health, diabetes and mental health, suicide prevention, eating disorders and many others.

MHPN support

To be supported by the MHPN project, networks must have a mental health focus and aim to:
  • include three or more members from relevant disciplines
  • meet a minimum of four times per year
MHPN provides networks with:
  • financial support
  • administrative support
  • meeting resources and tools
Network coordinators
The network's coordinator, with support from a dedicated MHPN project officer, takes responsibility for arranging network meetings (format, content, booking venue & catering, chairing the meeting) and liaising with MHPN. It is anticipated that the coordinator will also liaise with network members to seek agreement or feedback on meeting details. Read more about network coordinators...
You can become involved in network meetings by either coordinating a new network, or joining an existing network as a member.