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The impact of Covid 19 on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQA+SB community
This webinar discusses the findings from Black Rainbow's research highlighting the mental health and social and emotional well-being needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQA+SB people, including types of support that practitioners can provide.
Tags: Indigenous Mental Health, LGBTIQA+
August 2022
Practice strategies for working with children with disability
This webinar will explore practice approaches to help support children living with disability’s agency, and identify and encourage families’ strengths, interests and preferences. Panellists will discuss strategies that apply child-centred, family and communication-focused practice to support children living with disability.
Tags: Child, Families
July 2022
Collaborative care for people living with tics and Tourette syndrome
This webinar features an interdisciplinary panel of experts discussing Tourette syndrome and the range and severity of tics, including comorbidities and associated stigma.
July 2022
Age, frailty, loneliness and suicide
This webinar covers how frailty, loneliness, sadness, depression and suicide are connected, as well as presents strategies to support practitioners to mitigate the link between physical and mental frailty.
Tags: Anxiety, Depression, Older adults, Suicide
June 2022
Building parents’ understanding of play to nurture infant and toddler mental health
Play can be a powerful tool in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of infants and toddlers. This webinar will explore how clinicians can utilise play interventions with parents, infants and toddlers to promote connection, communication and overall mental health. <br />  
Tags: Child, Families, Infant
June 2022
Assessing functional capacity to work for psychological injuries
Watch this professional development webinar to enhance how you support those who experience psychological injury continue to participate in "good work" that supports their mental health and wellbeing.
Tags: Anxiety
May 2022
An interdisciplinary approach to perinatal anxiety and depression
The webinar features an interdisciplinary panel of experts exploring how health professionals can better identify symptoms of perinatal anxiety and depression and provide enhanced care for women at risk.<br />  
Tags: Anxiety, Depression, Perinatal, Women's Health
May 2022
Assessment and engagement with infants and children
Want to enhance how you actively engage children in assessment protocols in a meaningful and beneficial way? This webinar presents strategies to support practitioners to consider the ‘whole child’ when working with infants and children, shifting the focus from labels, problems and conditions to supporting children’s hopes and goals through inclusive practice.  
Tags: Adolescent, Child, Families
April 2022
Suicide Prevention for LGBTIQA+ Communities
Watch this recording where an interdisciplinary panel of experts explore practical strategies for suicide prevention when working with LGBTIQA+ people.  
Tags: LGBTIQA+, Suicide
March 2022
Supporting the wellbeing of infants and children through a trauma-informed lens
Infants and children are among some of the most vulnerable populations to be impacted by complex trauma. This webinar will cover the evidence behind how exposure to complex trauma adversely impacts the wellbeing of infants and children, as well as strategies practitioners can implement in their practice to work with children and families in a trauma-informed way.<br />  
Tags: Adolescent, Child, Infant, Trauma
March 2022
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