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Chronic pain and mental health: An interdisciplinary case study panel discussion for general practitioners
Bron is a middle aged woman who endures long-standing chronic pain following a workplace injury. She is struggling to enjoy life like she did before. This webinar is designed especially for general practitioners and discusses potential referral pathways and benefits of collaboration in providing Bron’s care.
Tags: Physical Health and Mental Health
November 2012
Sleep disorders and mental illness: Insomnia, depression and anxiety
Natalie is a young architecture student struggling with insomnia, depression and anxiety. With exams approaching her parents are worried and suggest she see her GP. The panel discuss her care from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Tags: Anxiety, Depression, Physical Health and Mental Health
October 2012
Supporting a young person who is experiencing cyber-bullying
Kelly is a 16 year old girl in a same sex relationship. She has returned to school following a period of absenteeism, including time living on the streets. She visits the school counsellor following incidences of cyber-bullying. The interdisciplinary panel explore ways to provide a collaborative care approach for Kelly.
Tags: Adolescent , Child , Bullying
September 2012
Coping with undiagnosed paternal depression in the family
Our panelist John shares his own experience as a father of three young children, struggling with undiagnosed depression. He shares the impact on both his marriage and his parenting. His fellow mental health practitioner panelists explore ways to achieve positive outcomes for parents like John.
Tags: Men's Health , Depression , Families , Child , Infant
August 2012
Chronic pain and mental health issues
This panel discussion will focus on Bron, a middle aged woman who is no longer enjoying the things she used to after enduring long standing chronic pain following a work place injury. Listen to the panel as they explore referral pathways for Bron and tips and strategies for working together, working better.
Tags: Physical Health and Mental Health
July 2012
Collaborative care for eating disorder presentations
Jo is a teenage girl who, at her mother's insistence, visits her GP for not being her 'usual self'. She is underweight and has been reducing her food intake for some time and is on a strict exercise regime to prepare for a marathon. The interdisciplinary panel explore potential referral pathways, as well as discuss tips and strategies to provide effective collaborative care.
Tags: Eating disorders
June 2012
Collaborative care for older people with mental health issues
Maurice, an elderly widower has been discharged from hospital following a recent fall at home. The hospital visit has uncovered multiple medical and mental health issues. The interdisciplinary panel explore potential referral pathways and ways to work together to deliver effective collaborative care for Maurice.
Tags: Older adults
May 2012
Collaborative care for children with an autism spectrum disorder
Sandra visits her GP and shares her concerns about her three and a half year old son Jamie. He does not respond to direct and simple commands, has difficulty settling for long at play activities with other children, and generally prefers to play alone with certain toys/activities. The interdisciplinary panel examine what Jamie's behaviour may mean clinically and explore the referral pathways available to Jamie and his family.
Tags: Autism , Child , Families
April 2012
Perinatal mental health
Stacey, one of the panelists, shares her own experience as a mother of a toddler and a newborn, who struggles with anxiety and depression. The other panelists, including a GP, psychiatrist and psychologist respond to Stacy’s story and explore the referral pathways available to her.
Tags: Perinatal , Women's Health , Infant
March 2012
Collaborative care in mental health and substance abuse
Susie is a 33 year old single mother. She has a history of substance abuse and has cycled in and out of treatment for years. She visits her GP with a desire to start counselling and undertake urine tests to secure custody of her son. The interdisciplinary panel discuss the key principles of intervention and different discipline roles in providing integrated primary mental health care services to Susie.
Tags: Addiction
February 2012
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