MHPN works with practitioners to establish and support interdisciplinary mental health networks across metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Australia. Interdisciplinary practitioner networks hold meetings to provide a forum for practitioners from a range of disciplines to connect, build relationships, provide peer support and improve referral pathways. Networks are self-directed, determining their own membership and content.

Visit the Networks page to find or start a local or online network and to find out more about our network coordinators.

Online Professional Development

MHPN produces interactive webinars featuring case-based panel discussions and Q&A sessions by leading experts; and modelling interdisciplinary practice and collaborative care.

At MHPN’s first fully online conference in 2019, we successfully piloted a podcast initiative which led to the development of our podcast program which launched under the banner 'MHPN Presents' in August 2020. Our next online conference, 'Working Better Together 2021', will run over two weeks from 31 May 2021.
Visit our webinars page to find out more about our webinars program and to access past and upcoming webinars. Visit our podcast page  to find out more about our podcast program and to access our published 'MHPN Presents' podcast series.