Our Staff

Chris Gibbs
Chief Executive Officer
Chris values his position as the inaugural CEO of MHPN since August 2008. Chris Gibbs has held significant leadership roles in the public health sector (Melbourne Health), the Victorian Public Service and the community services sector.
Belinda McDowall
Executive Assistant
Belinda values learning about the positive ways MHPN is helping to change people’s lives through facilitating collaboration between health care professionals.
Christine Young
Marketing and Communications Officer
Christine values supporting a broader movement to help mental health professionals connect and improve patient outcomes. 
Jacqui O'Loughlin
National Networks Program Manager
Jacqui values being part of a project and knowing however small a part you play the end result can make a positive difference in the lives of a variety of people.
Trevor Donegan
Finance Manager
Trevor values his role at MHPN, which encompasses the many facets of financial and accounting support.
Ian Macwhirter
Finance Officer
Ian values the ultimate purpose of this project: to ensure improved outcomes for consumers of mental health services. This is an issue, through personal and professional experience, I am passionate about. I firmly believe that the structure, purpose and goals of our organisation provide the means for clinicians to works collaboratively to achieve those improved outcomes.
Julie Middleton
Senior Project Officer Online Professional Development
Julie values being able to develop quality education that assists health professionals to improve the care they provide to the community.
Nicky Bisogni
Senior Project Officer
Nicky values and is continually encouraged by the level of practitioner engagement and commitment to the MHPN project, where we all work together to improve outcomes for people with mental health issues.
Geoff Ward
Technical and Data Lead
Geoff values the goodwill amongst all involved in the MHPN project, from network coordinators—who volunteer their time to lead networks and organise meetings— to the clinicians and network participants who are so willing to share their expertise with their mental health colleagues.
Sarah Hickey (nee Moore)
Webinar Support & Marketing Officer - maternity leave
Sarah values working with a team of volunteer coordinators who lead their networks to address local issues. I feel privileged to play a small part in the mental health conversation and hope it makes a difference to those who need it most.
Elaine Leong
Marketing and Communications Officer
Elaine values contributing to the shared passion and work behind MHPN’s primary goal - to improve consumer outcomes in Australia’s mental health landscape. She is continually encouraged by the diversity of practitioners involved in MHPN networks; particularly their generosity in and dedication to sharing knowledge for the ultimate benefit of our communities.
Ingrid Facey (nee Benge)
Project Officer - maternity leave
Ingrid values the way in which health professionals work together locally, when the flow on effect is practically improving outcomes for people on a much bigger scale. Ingrid enjoys the passion from practitioners when they plan their meetings and then the excitement when everything comes together.
Trish Clarke
Project Officer
Trish values being part of a project that improves mental health care practice in Australia. She also values being part of a passionate team of professionals collectively working towards improving consumer mental health.
Amanda Osciak
Project Officer
Amanda values working for an organisation whose sole purpose is to improve delivery and treatment of mental health care in communities across Australia. I value working with such a driven and enthusiastic group of staff and volunteers. Their collective efforts are a shining example of what can be achieved when we work together.
Jeanne Triol
Project Officer
Jeanne values being involved in work that has a direct benefit to those in need, and using her experience to develop projects that have an impact on people’s wellbeing. I am grateful to be part of the MHPN team and work with passionate coordinators to improve the mental health landscape in Australia. I am a real believer in the power of purposeful partnerships and enjoy connecting, sharing stories, and developing relationships with dedicated and enthusiastic network coordinators.